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Craggy Dome

Mountain: Craggy Dome
by chugach mtn boy

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East Wendell Mountain

Mountain: East Wendell Mountain
by Matt Lemke


Mountain: Gatschkopf
by selinunte01

Imogene Pass

Route: Imogene Pass
by Liba Kopeckova

Murdock Mountain (NV)

Mountain: Murdock Mountain (NV)
by professorontherun

Klein Furkahorn

Mountain: Klein Furkahorn
by Lodewijk

North Ridge

Route: North Ridge
by mrchad9

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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: Triple Couloirs Car to Car by Josh Lewis

Due to serious head aches, pain, and getting busy I haven't written a climbing report in a long time. Fortunately things have gotten better, been working out, going on 5 mile runs, eating healthier, losing weight, becoming a lightweight-aholic (gear wise), and am back on the road to alpinism. January Will and I climbed the North Buttress Couloir of Colchuck as a starter kit for the year. Avalanches, bad weather, sickness, and extreme pain had it's vengeance February through April. Rather than throwing my hands up I kept training, stayed motivated, and sought after the opportune moment to get my first multi pitch ice lead in. Triple Couloirs has been on my to do list for a long time, definitely a great route. With 6840 feet of gain, 20 miles, 18.5 hours of hiking & climbing, 4 pitches, and a lot of kicking in steps it made for a good work out.

On the Roda di Vael by MikeLJ

“Are we going up that mountain”? Marie pointed to the huge camel hump – shaped rock face in front of us.

“No, that’s not it” I replied quickly.

We were sitting side by side on the chairlift travelling from the Alpenrose Hotel up to the Rifugio Paolina. It was a fine, sunny morning in early July. We had caught an early bus from Campitello, down the valley to Pera to change buses for the Bolzano bus which took us over the Costalunga pass and on to the Alpenrose stop.

A 50 State Highpoint Completion on Denali by Puma concolor

"And down the stretch they come," I announced just a couple of weeks after thoroughbred American Pharaoh had ended a 37-year Triple Crown drought in America's Sport of Kings. "22 years of chasing state highpoints is about to come to an end."

But American Alpine Institute's Team 6 wasn't in the lowlands of Belmont Race Track on Long Island, New York. Instead we were nearly 20,000 feet higher making our way across Denali's "football field" with the summit of North America's highest peak seemingly close enough to touch. Less than two hours later, I found myself choking back tears as I took those final steps onto my 50th and final highpoint. "Yo Adrian, I did it!"

And what a journey it had been. Not just on this breathtaking world-class peak, but starting on Mount Marcy in July 1993 long before I had entertained any kind of thought of traveling all across the United States in pursuit of high places. At just nine days shy of my 46th birthday, my state highpointing journey had stretched across nearly half of my life, often taking a back seat to the more pressing concerns of every day life. But it was never far from my thoughts and always close to my heart.

Return to Form by Castlereagh

The first week of my trip was plagued by worry and anger about being sick and losing my wallet on the first day of my climbing vacation stumbling down from Crazy Peak. Physically weakened by a throat infection/inflammation and an intense hacking cough, I kept Sam waiting a-plenty on our hikes of Francs and Windy in the Absarokas. The lost wallet meant I had to divert my Montana/Idaho/Wyoming trip with a one day detour to Salt Lake to grab a credit card I had my bank send to Greg’s address.

Featured Articles

Lands at Risk Lands at Risk by RobSC

Unfortunately, all of these places: Indian Creek, the Wave, and the Grand Staircase are all at risk. A recent executive order by the president has asked for review as to whether these, some of the most amazing places on the planet, are worthy of protection. Bears Ears, many say, should be done away with entirely.

Compass Basics: An Introduction to Orientation and Navigation Compass Basics: An Introduction to Orientation and Navigation by vanman798

The basics of compass usage are surprisingly simple and can be mastered quickly; and once learned they will certainly become an invaluable skill for any hiker, mountaineer, back country skier or suchlike outdoor enthusiast. However, if you are anything like most of us, chances are you have been packing a compass around for years, on your outdoor adventures, without fully utilizing it. It’s probably time to change that, isn’t it? Essentially a compass is nothing more than a magnetized needle, floating in a liquid, and responding to the Earth’s magnetic field consequently revealing directions.

1966 - The DRUS Rescue 1966 - The DRUS Rescue by ericvola

13th of August 1966: two Germans, Heinz Ramisch and Hermann Schridell started the ascent of the West face of the Drus; caught in a storm, they stopped on the small ledge below and to the right of the pendulum, 700 meters above the ground. They will spend ten days on the wall. Plunged into an adventure largely above their capabilities, they will be the cause of one of the largest mountain rescue operation ever done in the Alps.

Featured Photos

Not to be taken Away Not to be taken Away by mills

A classic V4 bouldering problem at Stanage Edge, Derbyshire, England.

Quitaraju-Alpamayo High Camp Quitaraju-Alpamayo High Camp by albanberg

© 2014 Eric Hodges Best viewed large. This is a large panorama. The sunset was really amazing here. High camp had an oddly intimate feel to it. Another 600m to the top didn't look too bad. It was like being in a big open bowl. We slept here for about 4 hours. We got up at 12 AM to get ready to climb. We got going at about 1:15 or so.

Photo of the Moment

Hrútsfjallstindar (1875m)
Jun 22, 2017 8:03 AM by rgg

Photo of the Day

The flower
Jun 20, 2017 4:21 AM by Afzal

Photo of the Week

Iberian Ibex Lady
Jun 12, 2017 3:38 PM by Gangolf Haub

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